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Intelligent Nutrition for a
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Esperer Nutrition is a London-based, research-focussed, global, clinical nutraceuticals company, dedicated to delivering quality dietary supplements to patients in need, through excellence in innovation, development and commercialisation. We offer high-quality, cost-effective products with the highest level of customer care.

Esperer Nutrition’s commitment to health doesn’t stop with its products. Every day, we work to deliver sustainable research-based solutions which improve our quality of life. We care deeply for patients, our customers and their families. We also extend the same care to our employees and of course, the community in general. We always strive to do the right thing, pursuing the highest standards in quality, compliance, safety and performance. As a company, we embrace people from diverse backgrounds with unique perspectives, beliefs and attitudes. We believe in treating everyone equally, with dignity and respect, allowing us all to achieve our best. We prefer to think of ourselves, not as a healthcare brand, but as a brand which cares for the health and wellness of all.

The size of the clinical nutrition market in Europe was worth USD 3.82 billion in 2021 and is estimated to be growing at a CAGR of 7.17%. By 2026, the market would be worth USD 5.39 billion. The European clinical nutrition market is driven by the aging population and increased disease diagnosis. Over the last decade, the number of people diagnosed with metabolic diseases has increased, consequently increasing the number of individuals diagnosed.

Esperer Nutrition’s research team firmly consider dietary therapy to be necessary for normal growth, development and of course, overall health. It is also necessary in order to prevent acute and long-term effects of any disorder. In people with metabolic diseases, failing to follow a certain nutritional regimen can lead to problems, even demise. Esperer Nutrition's product portfolio is carefully designed for patients with metabolic abnormalities, which could in turn lead to non-communicable diseases.

Esperer Nutrition’s products are available globally. The company has special expertise in the research and development of cancer and non-communicable disease-specific enteral nutrition supplements, coupled with innovative marketing strategies.


Anyone interested in providing optimal nutrition support to their patients knows that knowledge, judgment, proficiency and competency must prevail in choosing the best nutrient constituents of a feeding regimen. These qualities are also essential in deciding how these formulations might best be provided for maximum benefit, all the while ensuring the safety of the patient under virtually any condition or in any adverse situation. Above all, the practice of optimal nutrition support should not be adversely influenced by self-ambition, self-interest, prejudice, financial gain, stature and other distractions. Esperer Nutrition UK Ltd. has been founded on strong moral grounds.

We understand that consumers are strongly concerned about their food habits, health and lifestyle. Besides the development of effective solutions, a major challenge has also cropped up in the form of lifestyle diseases. Consumption of junk food has increased manifold, which has led to a number of diseases related to nutritional deficiencies. Nutraceuticals can play an important role in controlling them. In developing dietary supplements, our scientists have always been focussed on building a hierarchy of evidence for individual supplements. This includes understanding the essentials of individual product characterisation, basic product clinical chemistry and rigorous testing in the setting of clinical studies. Multiple lines of investigation have been coordinated for constructing a robust knowledge base for each product, with the goal of informing practitioners and the public on safety and efficacy of dietary supplement use. We have observed how the United Kingdom has witnessed a higher consumption of clinical nutrition products with a major jump in trends during the COVID-19 pandemic. The continued prevalence of chronic disorders across the country is also a contributing factor to the higher consumption. I hope  that the consistent adoption of Esperer Nutrition’s global standards in terms of quality, safety and product delivery, will be conducive to offering advanced clinical nutritional solutions across the population , alongside the strategic handling of various non-communicable diseases.


Raktim Chattopadhyay

Founder and CEO

A vivacious reader and an ardent storyteller, Raktim has always had a streak of creativity in all his pursuits. He believes that the solution to any problem lies in its details and our ability to critically think through it. He was always keen on pursuing molecular biology in the field of nutraceutical and cancer science. He consequently did his higher education in the niche of physiology with specialisation in medical nutrition, from the University of Burdwan. He is also pursuing a PhD in Nutritional Intervention in Liver Carcinoma. Raktim draws his optimism and motivation from the foundations of human psychology. Understanding people’s needs and mental frameworks has helped him build an empathetic and pragmatic outlook. With his deep-rooted desire to help people, he began his own venture – Esperer Nutrition. With his enthusiastic techno-commercial team, he aspires to do something uniquely good for society. With Esperer Nutrition, he aims to bridge the urban-rural divide and allow greater accessibility and mobility in terms of cancer treatment or medication for everyone.

Dr. Shrikant Charde

GM - International Business - BD & Regulatory Affairs

With an impressive academic stint successfully completing seven industry -sponsored and three government research projects, Dr. Charde has a PhD in Pharmaceutics with more than 15 years of academic experience at BITS Pilani and three years of industry experience. He has headed the Department of Pharmacy at Pilani. He mentors 4 doctoral and more than 30 post-graduate students. He has about 13 clinical publications to his credit along with the experience of leading a cross-functional team to support product approval & registration in oncology, cardiovascular, diabetes & general medicine, in addition to conducting clinical trials and bioequivalence studies in global settings.

Mr. Ganesh Kodag

GM - Business Development, UK & EU

MBA in General Management from Coventry University, UK. 11 years of entrepreneurial experience in the UK MHRA approved pharmaceutical wholesale industry. Ganesh is a serial entrepreneur and has a strong experience in setting up start-ups in the UK. He has successfully closed deals worth millions of GBP in his last role as a Director of Business Development. He has detailed knowledge in UK MHRA GDP & has cleared several UKMHRA GDP inspections successfully as a RP – Responsible Person on UK MHRA WDA(H) license. Ganesh is a motivated achievement-driven professional with a strong record of leadership qualities, knowledge & experience of business development, strategic planning, financial reporting and operational leadership. He has helped niche product manufacturers launch, market and distribute their products with unique on-target marketing strategies & correct pricing in international markets like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Africa. He is a tactical and convincing negotiator with a strong experience of pitching to C-Suite level.